Pop-up shop

Pipe unit fixture living body, construction in various scenes

Venue/event space setup


Pipe Unit Fixture Bibo (Black Pipe)

Antique fixtures

Antique fixtures create an elegant sales floor with an atmosphere.

ポ ー ル

body torso

display table

Booth design and construction


Pipe Unit Fixtures Vivo -vivo-

The Vivo series is a pipe unit fixture that can be modeled by combining existing size pipes and several types of joint parts.
Not only can it be used as a standard glass shelf fixture, but it can also be used as a counter stand or stage.

System fixtures (display fixtures)

Attachments such as shelf boards, hanger bars, and hooks can be attached, so it can be used in a wide range of applications.
You can choose the main unit that matches your layout from a variety of width and height sizes.

Step fixtures (Hinadan fixtures)

It is an affordable fixture that is easy to install and can be folded compactly.

frame fixtures


We decorated fixtures and decorated VPs and show windows.