About credit card payment

At our companySquare online checkoutWe accept payment by credit card using

Supported credit cards

Supported credit cards

Six types: VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMERICAN Express, Diners Club INTERNATIONAL, DISCOVER

Payment procedure

  1. step1 When requesting an estimate, please tell us that you will be paying by credit card.
  2. step2 After you place your order, we will email you an invoice and a link to the payment page.
  3. step3 Please make sure that the amount on the invoice and the amount on the payment page are the same.
    • If there is a difference in the amount,
      Our toll-free number
      (0120 - 52 - 7171)
      Please let us know.
  4. step4 Please follow the procedure on the payment page.
    • Please enter your phone number, email address, and name information.
    • Please enter your credit card information.
    • Please click the payment button.
  5. step5 Procedure completed

About payment in installments

At this time, Square only accepts one-time payments.

It is not possible to make a payment in installments or a bonus lump-sum payment.

However, it is possible for the cardholder to apply for a change to installment payment, revolving payment, etc. to the card company by himself/herself after the card payment.

Notes: Whether it is possible to change to installment payment or revolving payment after payment is completed depends on the card issuer.
In addition, the card issuer's prescribed interest rate and fees will be applied to the cardholder.

Please contact the issuer of the card for inquiries about payment in installments.