Flow of furniture rental

  1. step1 Rental application
    1. Application from WEB
      Quotation form
      Reception hours: 24 hours, all year round

      Please fill out the necessary information on the "Free Estimate" form on the upper right and press the send button.
      *If you have difficulty applying online, please contact us by phone (TEL: 0120-52-7171).

  2. step2 Notice of quotation

    Please confirm the contents of the quotation

    • Rental fee
      (Basic fee + extension fee)
    • Expenses
      (Delivery costs, loading/unloading costs, etc.)
    • Date and place of pick-up

    *A return order form (same content as the estimate) is attached.

  3. step3 How to place an order

    Please order using the order form (attached to the quotation).

    • Please check the product, quantity, price, date and time, location, etc.
    • You must agree to the rental terms. ( Rental terms
  4. step4 Issuance of invoice

    We will send you an invoice.

    • If you wish to pay by credit card, we will send you an invoice and a link to our payment system.

    * If you wish to pay by credit card, please select credit card payment in the "Payment Method" section of the "Free Quotation" quotation request form.

  5. step5 payment
    • Please transfer to the designated account.Please pay the payment fee at the customer's expense.
    • In the case of credit card payment, please proceed with the linked payment system.
    • With confirmation of payment, the order will be confirmed.
  6. step6 delivery of goods

    Customer usage period

  7. step7 Product pick-up

Transaction completed.
Thank you all!