Pasted panel (wood rack panel)
Output sheet pasting

We can print the output sheet for the pasting panel!

Stick-on sign standBy using it in conjunction with, such as posting posters and guidance,
It can be used for various purposes.

pasted panel
(Wood rack panel/output) amount

*The prices below are not set prices with stick-on sign stands.

We also accept orders for sizes other than those listed above.
We will provide a separate quotation for your desired size.

  • The file format should be (AI, EPS, PSD), etc.
  • Please complete the output data. (Completed state without modification)
  • Save formats up to Adobe Illustrator CC2019 / Adobe Photoshop CC2018 are supported.
  • Be sure to outline data fonts.
    (The design may collapse or the font specified by the customer may be converted.)
  • Please specify colors in CMYK. (RGB will be output in a color different from the screen color)
  • Please let us know the finished size and scale.
  • Please send a screenshot (a jpg image of the finished image) along with the size of the manuscript.

For questions or orders0120-52-7171or sending us a message onorder formPlease feel free to contact us.