Product sales event support

Product sales event support

Fixture rental product sales event support campaign is underway!

36 items of sale fixtures and equipment with marksTotal rental amount
If the amount exceeds 10 yen (excluding tax),
20%~OFFA great deal!!

■    Miscellaneous expenses such as unmarked fixtures and shipping costs are not eligible for discounts.

For example ...
Part Number unit price Quantity Subtotal
Aluminum flatbed wagon @¥2,000 10 cars 20,000JPY
Vivo 3x3 tiers @¥6,000 4 cars 24,000JPY
hanger rack 900 @¥800 20 16,000JPY
fitting room @¥4,500 2 units 9,000JPY
Full-length mirror @¥1,500 XNUMX sheets 4,500JPY
double-sided showcase @¥10,000 2 units 20,000JPY
Shelf fixture 1200 main unit @¥3,000 XNUMX units 12,000JPY
Shelf board (wood grain) 1200 @¥600 16 sheets 9,600JPY
Total 115,100JPY
discount ¥-23,020 (20%)
Billing 92,080JPY
In other words,
The rental price will be cheaper.
Aluminum flatbed wagon @¥2,000 → 1,600JPY
Vivo 3X3 steps @¥6,000 → 4,800JPY
double-sided showcase @¥10,000 → 8,000JPY

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